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Dog Friendly Holidays in France

Your four-legged friend is not just a pet.  He’s an important part of your family. Which is why Flower Campings welcomes dogs at all of our campsite pitches. Making it the perfect holiday for ALL your family.

So forget paying money for kennels or putting your pooches, and yourself, through the stress of leaving them.  At 99% of our campsite pitches, your dogs are just as welcome on their holiday. All you need to do is ensure they are microchipped, have had the required vaccinations and have their pet passport in place.  Then they can come along and enjoy fun in the French countryside too.

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FAQ's : When taking your dog on holiday

Do I need any paperwork to take my dog on holiday?

Yes, you will need to ensure your dog has an EU Pet Passport for travelling to France. You can find the information on this on the website

How can I get to France with my dog?

You can take your dog in your own car via the Eurotunnel or in an approved carrier on most of the ferry/airlines to France. However, we recommend you do your research first to find the best option for you and your four-legged friend as you must use an approved transport company and an approved route.

Does my dog need to be microchipped?

Yes. All dogs entering France need to be microchipped and this needs to be done before your pet has his/her rabies vaccination.

Does my dog need any vaccinations/check up’s etc. before leaving the UK?

Yes in most cases your dog will need the required vaccinations and we would recommend speaking to your dog’s vet to find out which ones are required.

Do Flower Campsites allow dogs in all areas of their campsites?

We allow dogs in the pitching areas at all of our campsites. However, a selection of our campsites also allow them in our built accommodation. Find out which campsites offer this here .

Is there a policy concerning certain dog breeds in the campsites?

According to the breed on which your dog belongs, you will have to comply with the regulations currently in effect. Flower Campsites reserves the right to refuse dogs who belongs to category “1 & 2”, in accordance to the French law. You can find out about these dog breeds on the official French govern website.

Applying for your dog's passport

You can enter or return to the UK with your dog without quarantine if you follow certain rules. Your dog’s passport will list the different treatments he has had in order to meet the pet travel rules. For more information on how to apply please visit the UK Gov website.

Find the answer to your questions
Find the answer to your questions

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