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Camping holidays in the Bay of Arcachon

Choose a campsite in the Arcachon Basin for your next holiday by the water in New Aquitaine. Book your stay at a campsite with a swimming pool and a great variety of facilities, and get ready for a relaxing week or weekend near Arcachon!

Flower Campings invites you to take a break in La Canadienne, a 4-star campsite in Arès. On the Bassin d'Arcachon, in Gironde, it is just a few minutes from the ocean waves of Cap Ferret. Stay in a mobile home or rent your own pitch. As well as the campsite's very own aquatic zone and great activities for the kids, you can enjoy the calm and clear waters of the Basin.

1 Campsite matches your search

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02 - Camping La Canadienne - Situation
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La Canadienne
New Aquitaine - Arès

A boat-shaped swimming pool at the heart of the Bay of Arcachon, a unique coastal environment sheltered by Cap Ferret and the great Dune du Pyla.

Bay of Arcachon
7 km from the beach
Heated outdoor pool
Paddling pool
1.5 km from the lake
Bike rental
"Cyclists Welcome" label

From 02/09/2023 to 09/09/2023


2 people From

101 €


2 people From

259 €

What to do while on holiday in the Bay of Arcachon?

The Bassin d'Arcachon is a beautiful ocean lagoon separated from the Atlantic by Cap Ferret. It's famous for its oyster farms, which breed unique and highly reputed oysters, making it an ideal destination for lovers of luxury and cuisine. Nearby, the basin's salt meadows are a stunning natural reserve packed with previous fauna and varied flora. Nature lovers can explore the marshes, meadows and lagoons of the Tech Bird Reserve by boat or canoe or opt for a trip on the water in the area of Certes-Graveyron.

Your holiday in the Arcachon Basin lets you choose your favourite place to swim. Will you go for the calm, gentle waters of the Basin, or do you prefer the thrilling Atlantic waves? Take fun family swims in the Basin and try adrenaline-pumping surfing sessions on the ocean at legendary spots like Lège-Cap-Ferret and Teste-de-Buch.

Fancy a boat trip? Take a little cruise along the Basin to the Île aux Oiseaux, or climb onboard an oyster boat for the duration of a tide to see how the local fishermen catch this luxury shellfish.

If you're looking for a challenge, climb the 110-metre ascent of the Pilat Dune. At the top, you'll enjoy an incredible panorama, stretching from the Landes forest on the land side to the Banc d'Arguin on the ocean side.

From your vantage point high on the dune, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of your campsite, with its swimming pool gleaming in the light!

Places of interest in the Bay of Arcachon

Your campsite in the Arcachon Basin is the perfect starting point to discover the richly contrasting districts of Arcachon. The winter town, set on high land, has beautiful 19th-century villas, a Moorish park and breathtaking views from the Sainte-Cécile belvedere. You'll also find the aquarium museum here, making it the perfect spot for a family day out and a great choice on rainy days.

Take a tour of the oyster ports in the basin: the capital of Gujan-Mestras, Teste-de-Buch on market day, Biganos, Andernos-les-Bains, as well as Arès and its tantalising mix of salt meadows and wooded areas. In Larros, don't miss the Maison de l'huître, an ideal place to learn about the history and breeding of oysters in the Arcachon Basin.

When you stay in the Bassin d'Arcachon, you'll also be able to visit the Cap Ferret lighthouse. If you can climb its 258 steps, you'll be rewarded with sublime views from the top: are you up for the challenge?

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