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Enjoy the sparkle of the Vosges mountains

Stay at one of our campsites in the Vosges and sample some of France’s great culinary specialities including quiche lorraine and potée – a type of stew, accompanied by the wines of the Moselle. Or try one of our campsites in Alsace, famed for its white wines including Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Sylvaner and its beer-making tradition. Non-culinary delights on offer include the local folklore and festivities, the Ballon d’Alsace, Alsace’s brightly coloured, half-timbered houses with their flower-bedecked balconies and the region’s rich historical heritage. So don’t delay! Book your campsite in the Vosges now and come and explore the glorious mountains of the Vosges!

1 Campsite matches your search

01 - Camping La Sténiole - Situation
02 - Camping La Sténiole - Piscine
03 - Camping La Sténiole - Piscine
04 - Camping La Sténiole - Piscine
05 - Camping La Sténiole - Piscine
06 - Camping La Sténiole - Activité
07 - Camping La Sténiole - Activité
08 - Camping La Sténiole - Activité
09 - Camping La Sténiole - Aire de jeux
10 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
11 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
12 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
13 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
14 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
15 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
16 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
17 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
18 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
19 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
20 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
21 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
22 - Camping La Sténiole - Hébergement
23 - Camping La Sténiole - Service
24 - Camping La Sténiole - Service
25 - Camping La Sténiole - Alentour
Welcome to Natacha & Rudi


La Sténiole
Grand Est - Granges Aumontzey

Enjoy the great outdoors in the heart of the Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park.

Heated pool
Water slide
7 km from the lake
direct access to the river and pond
Horse riding
Green Key label

From 15/04/2023 to 22/04/2023


2 people From

84 €


2 people From

239 €

Camping holidays in the Vosges

Our mountain campsites in the Vosges

Whether you enjoy a camping holiday in the Vosges moutains in summer or winter, the stunning landscapes of the Grand Ballon will leave you with memories of a holiday you’ll never forget. A camping holiday in the Vosges offers fine good, beautiful scenery and a host of outdoor sports and leisure activities.

Eastern France include the Vosges mountains which rise to 1362m above sea level at Hohneck. The Vosges are characterised by the gentle, rounded contours of their mountains and valleys. Our campsites in the Vosges are located all along the mountain chain in the Vosges, Alsace and the Territoire de Belfort, never far from pine woods, lakes and ski resorts.

A camping holiday in the Vosges – a great way to get back to nature

For nature lovers, the Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park offers a wide range of natural habitats and scenery that will just take your breath away, all easily accessible from our campsites in the Vosges. Largely wooded, the Vosges also boasts numerous lakes and rivers, glacial cirques and rocky cliffs – all just waiting to be explored as they change with the seasons.

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