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Book your campsite in France

Small campsites in France

Small family campsites in France – putting people and places first

Since its creation, Flower Campsites has been for and about people. Our member sites are neither too big, nor too small. Keen to put people first, they set the highest standards in terms of friendliness, personal service, quality, cleanliness and facilities. Highly individual, they all have a flavour of their particular area and a desire to share it with their visitors, but each in their own personal manner.

They all have somewhere to swim - whether it’s a swimming or paddling pool, a lake, river or beach - either on site or close by. They all lay on evening entertainment or other activities but are careful not to be too pushy.

And they all provide information designed to help you explore their particular corner of France: camping by the sea, camping by the country or camping in the mountains. It's easy, Flower gives you where to camp in France in the best campsites.

small camping in FranceEverything you need for an unforgettable family holiday in a fun and friendly environment

Set the countryside with plenty of room to play and make friends, our campsites make the ideal base for a real family friendly camping holiday. Small and people-friendly, they provide a great setting for a relaxed family holiday as well as a plenty of fun stuff to keep the kids happy.

camping volley ballLots of no-obligation activities

Every Flower campsite runs its own programme of activities including evening and family entertainment, sports competitions and a chance to explore the local area with guided walks, tastings and craft markets. It’s up to you to do what you want, when you want to do it! Flower Campsites are generally recognized as quiet campsites in France.

camping with kidsCampsites on a human scale and proud of it

No more “factory campsites” where everything is standardised, partitioned, planned. We have all rallied to the Flower banner because of one essential feature: our size. You may think we’re “too small”, we think we’re “not too big”. And we’re proud of this. That’s what allows us to offer you holidays on a human scale. It’s our idea of luxury.

kids family outsideWith us, you are known and recognised

Far from the anonymity of the big clubs, a Flower campsite is sociable. The staff say hello and like to chat. You are best placed to know what you like and don’t like, so say it directly in the questionnaire. And if there is a warm and cheerful “micro climate” among the residents of our campsites, it’s because we get to know each other in a friendly way.

camping kidsBest quality campsites in France

On all our campsites, neither to big nor too small, quality is uppermost. Another of our ideals that we get a little closer to with each season. Enough space to settle into and enjoy life: that’s the basis of Flower comfort. Running campsites is our business; we know it and we like to give a quality service.

french regionsRural camping in France - open to our regions

The best advice we can give you is to get out of the campsite to explore our regions in France because they each add a real flavour to life through the local features that we appreciate. Meet the local people, attend the festivals and markets, and enjoy the local produce and the region’s special know-how. Such a rich and varied range that you’d be mad to stay cooped up in a campsite, however large.

family camping franceFamily camping in France

Flower are dedicated to making your camping holidays in France with kids as stress-free as possible. That’s why 100% of our campsites in France are family friendly with everything you need to take your baby, toddler or child on holiday and everything they need to be entertained and have fun while away. Our french campsites offer a range of different activities guaranteed to keep your children happy no matter what their age, to keep your kids interested and engaged, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the escape from everyday life.

camping with childrenTravel light - our campsites in France have everything you and your baby need.

Travelling with an infant is never light.
However, our baby kits are a great way to avoid having to bring too much with you. This option, which includes a cot, high chair and baby bath, is available at most of our campsites in France making it a hassle free option for taking your baby/toddler on holiday without having to juggle all the essentials as well. Sheets are also available for hire. Please remember to reserve your baby kit/sheets at the time of your booking. As for shopping, most of our campsites have a small shop where you’ll be able to find basic items for your baby including bottled water, nappies, soap, powdered and baby milk.