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Find out about our campsites close to spa resorts. Pamper yourself this holiday and enjoy the benefits of a good spa.

First discovered thousands of years ago, the virtues of mineral-rich baths are now medically proven. A spa cure uses the healing powers of water to improve general wellbeing, treating both body and soul. Each thermal spring has its own health-giving properties and can provide both immediate and long-term relief for a number of common ailments.

Though designed primarily to deliver long-term health benefits, a stay at a spa also offers a chance to relax and unwind, to restore the natural balance of body and spirit. And a camping holiday or weekend break provides the ideal opportunity to escape from the stresses and strains of modern life with a visit to a nearby spa centre.

France boasts a wide range of health-giving thermal springs and all the campsites listed below are located close to a spa centre offering natural treatment options.

Don’t delay, book your spa campsite now and enjoy the benefits of a spa health cure.

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A day in a spa area

Did you know that thermal areas aren't just for spa guests? Even if you're not planning a full-blown spa holiday, the vast majority of thermal baths will let you come and spend a day or half-day to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the place. It's a great way to spend a short time focusing purely on relaxation and well-being.

This is a great idea for an activity, especially if you do a lot of hiking or cycling on your camping holiday or just want to unwind.

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Find the answer to your questions

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