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Camping holidays near Cayeux-sur-Mer in the Somme

It's time to commune with nature! Check out our campsites near Cayeux-Sur-Mer. Embrace the wilderness of the Somme and enjoy some of France's most spectacular beaches. Flower Campings brings you holidays immersed in the wonders of nature.

2 Campsites match your search

01 - Camping Les Aubépines - Situation
02 - Camping Les Aubépines - Situation
03 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
04 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
05 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
06 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
07 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
08 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
09 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
10 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
11 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
12 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
13 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
14 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
15 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
16 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
17 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
18 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
19 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
20 - Camping Les Aubépines - Aire de jeux
21 - Camping Les Aubépines - Aire de jeux
22 - Camping Les Aubépines - Aire de jeux
23 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
24 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
25 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
26 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
27 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
28 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
29 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
30 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
31 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
32 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
33 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
34 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
35 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
36 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
37 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
38 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
39 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
40 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
Welcome to Isabelle & Cédric


Les Aubépines
Hauts de France - Le Crotoy

A warm Picardie welcome awaits you at this site just a short walk from the Plage de la Maye on the wild and beautiful Somme Estuary.

Somme Bay
1 km from the beach
Heated outdoor pool
Water slide
Paddling pool
Bike rental
Heated covered pool
Green Key label

From 06/04/2024 to 13/04/2024


2 people From

107 €


2 people From

289 €
01 - Camping Le Rompval - Situation
02 - Camping Le Rompval - Situation
03 - Camping Le Rompval - Situation
04 - Camping Le Rompval - Situation
05 - Camping Le Rompval - Piscine
06 - Camping Le Rompval - Piscine
07 - Camping Le Rompval - Piscine
08 - Camping Le Rompval - Activité
09 - Camping Le Rompval - Activité
10 - Camping Le Rompval - Activité
11 - Camping Le Rompval - Aire de jeux
12 - Camping Le Rompval - Aire de jeux
13 - Camping Le Rompval - Aire de jeux
14 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
15 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
16 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
17 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
18 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
19 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
20 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
21 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
22 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
23 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
24 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
25 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
26 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
Welcome to Denis & Sabine


Le Rompval
Hauts de France - Mers-les-Bains

Nestled in Mers-Les-Bains with its coloured façades, pebble beaches and white cliffs with fabulous views across the bay to Le Tréport.

Baie de Somme
2.5 km from the beach
Heated covered pool
Paddling pool
Bike rental

From 15/04/2023 to 22/04/2023


2 people From

129 €


2 people From

149 €

Family holidays by the sea in Cayeux-sur-Mer

Cayeux-sur-Mar is a small, cosy family seaside resort. The highlight is its 14-km beach, which runs all the way to Pointe du Hourdel. This is where you'll be able to enjoy all the fun of a seaside holiday! Strut your funky stuff on the boardwalk, dive in for some watersports, or just admire the cute, colourful beach huts. You're sure to fall in love with the Cayeux-sur-Mer beach!

Looking for things to do during your camping holiday in Cayeux-sur-Mer? Here are our top tips for an unforgettable holiday:

  • the wild bird reserve "le hâble d'Ault",
  • the pine wood, with trails that are perfect for family walks,
  • Pointe du Hourdel and the largest colony of harbour seals in France,
  • and, of course, one of the most beautiful kitesurfing spots in northern France!

Discover nature in the Somme Bay

From a campsite near Cayeux-sur-Mer, you'll have Somme Bay as your playground. Famed for its natural beauty, Somme Bay has inspired painters, writers - and now it's your turn! Go for a walk to admire the spot where the sea and sky meet. Take a walk through charming towns like Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme or Crotoy, and watch how the panoramic landscape unfurls.

Everywhere you look, there's something new to admire. Dramatic cliffs, pebble beaches with small colourful huts, and an endless sea. Best of all are the animals and birds, including the adorable harbour seals that you might spot basking on a sandbar.

Our campsites near Cayeux-sur-Mer with heated swimming pools

The 3-star Le Rompval campsite is located in Mers-les-Bains, 3 km from the beach. Choose a pitch to put up your own tent, rent a mobile home for 4 to 6 people, or try one of the unusual types of accommodation on offer. The covered, heated swimming pool lets you enjoy a refreshing swim at any time of year.

The 4-star Les Aubépines campsite is in Crotoy, conveniently situated on the other side of the bay. With its chic and modern accommodation options, this campsite is ideal for lovers of glamping. Dive into the heated swimming pool and relax!

A seafood feast is waiting for you

Cayeux-sur-Mer is the perfect spot if you're a gourmet with a weakness for seafood. Prawns, assorted shellfish, fresh sole and all kinds of other fish will make every meal a feast. Not keen on the creatures of the deep? Try some other local delicacies, such as leek pie, potato pie, sweet gâteau battu, and so much more.

Why not try one of the area's most traditional dishes? Mussels and chips are always a classic, along with fisherman's choucroute. To try something new, nibble on a bowl of salicornia - little gherkins that grow by the sea. Seaside cuisine has never tasted so good!

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