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Camping holidays on the Pink Granite Coast

Your campsite on the Pink Granite Coast is the perfect base for exploration and fun. From Perros-Guirec to Trébeurden, passing through Trégastel and Pleumeur-Bodou, the Pink Granite Coast is a beautiful part of France where the scenery changes with the tides.

How will you spend your days? Lounging by the sea, hiking, exploring the nearby towns or playing sports — the choice is yours! Along with services for the whole family, our campsites are in superb locations and have all the leisure activities you could want. Book your mobile home on the Pink Granite Coast today and enjoy a holiday like no other.

2 Campsites match your search

Camping Le Mât - Situation 1
Camping Le Mât - Activité 1
Camping Le Mât - Aire de jeux 1
Camping Le Mât - Aire de jeux 2
Camping Le Mât - Aire de jeux 3
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 1
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 2
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 3
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 4
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 5
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 6
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 7
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 8
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 9
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 1
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 10
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 11
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 2
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 3
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 4
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 5
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 6
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 7
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 8
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 9
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 1
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 2
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 3
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 4
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 5
Camping Le Mât - Service 1
Camping Le Mât - Service 2
Camping Le Mât - Service 3
Camping Le Mât - Situation 2
Camping Le Mât - Situation 3
Camping Le Mât - Situation 4
Camping Le Mât - Situation 5
Camping Le Mât - Situation 6
Camping Le Mât - Situation 7
Welcome to Laura, Stefano & Stefano


Le Mât
Brittany - Trévou-Tréguignec

A wonderful holiday destination on Brittany’s Pink Granite Coast overlooking Trestel with views of the Sept Iles.

Côtes d’Armor
direct access to the beach
Heated covered pool
Côte de Granit Rose

From 15/04/2023 to 22/04/2023


2 people From

112 €


2 people From

185 €
01 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement-2
02 - Camping des Vallées - Piscine
03 - Camping des Vallées - Activité
04 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
05 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
06 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
07 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
08 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
09 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
10 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
11 - Camping des Vallées - Service
12 - Camping des Vallées - Service
13 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
14 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
15 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
16 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
17 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
Welcome to Catherine & Christian


des Vallées
Brittany - Saint-Brieuc

The lovely town of Saint-Brieuc promises culture and history, shopping and beaches… and one of the most remarkable bays in Brittany.

Côtes d’Armor
8 km from the beach
direct access to the river
Play area

From 14/09/2024 to 21/09/2024


2 people From

59 €


2 people From

180 €

Explore the remarkable sites of the Pink Granite Coast

Deep in the Côtes d'Armor, the Pink Granite Coast has a unique charm that is sure to inspire you. Explore the natural surroundings while discovering the local flora and fauna. Admire the enormous grate boulders that seem to shine in the sunlight. Let this exceptional corner of France become your playground during your holiday.

The imposing pink granite rocks of Ploumanac'h, on Saint-Guirec Beach and near the Men Ruz Lighthouse, must be seen to be believed. These rocks are 300 million years old, with dazzling colours and wildly unique shapes. Your campsite in Brittany is the perfect base for exploring them. A camping holiday on the Côtes d'Armor lets you discover the beauty of the Pink Granite Coast for yourself.

Right in the heart of the coast, Ploumanac'h is a small port town in the commune of Perros-Guirec. Follow the Port du Village hiking trail to visit this famous natural gem. Highlights here include the iconic Mean Ruz Lighthouse, which sits high upon an enormous block of pink granite. There are also some great water sports you can try in the area.

What could be better than a boat trip around the Seven Islands Nature Reserve? This reserve, located off Perros-Guirec, is a true paradise for birds. If you love nature, this is the place for you — and if you want to hit the beach, you're in luck, too. Try Trestel or Trestraou, two large beaches sheltered from the elements by rocks. Whether you want to chill out on the sand, go surfing, sailing or try stand-up paddleboarding, you're bound to have a great day out.

Explore the Côte de Granit Rose on the GR34 hiking trail

Love the great outdoors? Fantastic! You've chosen a real paradise for hikers. The best trail of all is the GR34, known across France for its beauty. This long-distance route takes you through a huge number of historical and maritime sites. Along the way, you'll see chapels, menhirs, castles, lighthouses and more. This is the best way to see the real Brittany — and get in a great workout while you're at it!

Would you like to go on a camping holiday on the Pink Granite Coast? Book your pitch or your mobile home rental at one of our campsites in Côtes d'Armor and Finistère Nord:

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