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Discover the capital of Trégor

Your next camping holiday in Brittany just got even better. Want to stay at a rental near Lannion in the Côtes d'Armor? Book your mobile home or pitch today for a camping holiday at the best family campsite around!

Ready to take a break? Our campsites with indoor swimming pools are perfect for families who need to recharge their batteries. Some of our campsites offer direct beach access. You'll be able to go straight to the best waves in Northern Brittany, ideal for all surfing fans in the family.

2 Campsites match your search

Camping Le Mât - Situation 1
Camping Le Mât - Activité 1
Camping Le Mât - Aire de jeux 1
Camping Le Mât - Aire de jeux 2
Camping Le Mât - Aire de jeux 3
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 1
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 2
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 3
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 4
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 5
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 6
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 7
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 8
Camping Le Mât - Alentour 9
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 1
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 10
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 11
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 2
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 3
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 4
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 5
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 6
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 7
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 8
Camping Le Mât - Hébergement 9
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 1
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 2
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 3
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 4
Camping Le Mât - Piscine 5
Camping Le Mât - Service 1
Camping Le Mât - Service 2
Camping Le Mât - Service 3
Camping Le Mât - Situation 2
Camping Le Mât - Situation 3
Camping Le Mât - Situation 4
Camping Le Mât - Situation 5
Camping Le Mât - Situation 6
Camping Le Mât - Situation 7
Welcome to Laura, Stefano & Stefano


Le Mât
Brittany - Trévou-Tréguignec

A wonderful holiday destination on Brittany’s Pink Granite Coast overlooking Trestel with views of the Sept Iles.

Côtes d’Armor
direct access to the beach
Heated covered pool
Côte de Granit Rose

From 15/04/2023 to 22/04/2023


2 people From

112 €


2 people From

185 €
01 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement-2
02 - Camping des Vallées - Piscine
03 - Camping des Vallées - Activité
04 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
05 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
06 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
07 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
08 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
09 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
10 - Camping des Vallées - Hébergement
11 - Camping des Vallées - Service
12 - Camping des Vallées - Service
13 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
14 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
15 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
16 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
17 - Camping des Vallées - Alentour
Welcome to Catherine & Christian


des Vallées
Brittany - Saint-Brieuc

The lovely town of Saint-Brieuc promises culture and history, shopping and beaches… and one of the most remarkable bays in Brittany.

Côtes d’Armor
8 km from the beach
direct access to the river
Play area

From 14/09/2024 to 21/09/2024


2 people From

59 €


2 people From

180 €

The best things to see and do in Lannion

Stay at one of our campsites in the Côtes d'Armor to discover Trégastel and Perros-Guirec. Lannion is the perfect gateway place, where you can take in the beautiful landscapes of northern Brittany and the stunning Pink Granite Coast.

During your stay at a campsite in Lannion, take the time to explore this historic Breton city. Wander the cobbled streets, admiring the elegant mansions and medieval half-timbered houses. Visit the church of Brélévenez for the best panoramic views that sweep over the city. Discover the area's charming old buildings, such as the church of Saint-Ivy, the Ursuline Convent and the church of Saint-Jean-du-Baly. Take a guided tour around this historic city, or go on a boat trip to see it from the water.

Lannion is also ideal for family holidays thanks to the national circus centre of Carré Magique. Enjoy dazzling, magical entertainment and shows. If it rains, head straight for the Elopirate indoor playground. Otherwise, you can just stay at the campsite and enjoy the indoor swimming pool!

Things to discover near Lannion

Lannion, a historic town built on the banks of the River Léguer, is an ideal destination for a getaway. Our campsites on the Pink Granite Coast are waiting to welcome you to a rejuvenating holiday with your family or friends. Nearby, between Trégastel and Perros-Guirec, picturesque blocks of pink rocks along the coast stand out against the blue sea. In the fishing hamlet of Ploumanac'h, the scenery is so beautiful that it almost seems unreal.

Love watersports? The Pink Granite Coast is your dream destination! During your camping holiday in Lannion, you can take a trip on an old rig to explore the Seven Islands, a wild archipelago that includes the Île aux Moines. Once a monastic retreat, this island has now become a paradise for birdwatchers.

In Trégastel, you can discover ancient megaliths, historic chapels and a water mill. A little further west, at the entrance to the bay of Lannion, lies Trébeurden. Once an old port known for its sardines, it's now become a charming seaside resort with a great marina and sailing school. For a wild time on the water, head to the nautical centre to try jet skiing or water skiing!

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