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Your camping holiday in Amiens, the city of art and history

It's time for a camping getaway in Amiens! This town in the Somme has amazing cultural discoveries for you. Start with Amiens Cathedral, a Gothic gem listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a walk through the medieval quarter of Saint-Leu, right on the water's edge. With bars, restaurants and charming artisan shops, this neighbourhood is now one of the coolest parts of town. For a jam-packed holiday with culture and heritage, try one of our campsites near Amiens!

2 Campsites match your search

01 - Camping Les Aubépines - Situation
02 - Camping Les Aubépines - Situation
03 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
04 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
05 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
06 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
07 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
08 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
09 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
10 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
11 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
12 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
13 - Camping Les Aubépines - Piscine
14 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
15 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
16 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
17 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
18 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
19 - Camping Les Aubépines - Activité
20 - Camping Les Aubépines - Aire de jeux
21 - Camping Les Aubépines - Aire de jeux
22 - Camping Les Aubépines - Aire de jeux
23 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
24 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
25 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
26 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
27 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
28 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
29 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
30 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
31 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
32 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
33 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
34 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
35 - Camping Les Aubépines - Hébergement
36 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
37 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
38 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
39 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
40 - Camping Les Aubépines - Service
Welcome to Isabelle & Cédric


Les Aubépines
Hauts de France - Le Crotoy

A warm Picardie welcome awaits you at this site just a short walk from the Plage de la Maye on the wild and beautiful Somme Estuary.

Somme Bay
1 km from the beach
Heated outdoor pool
Water slide
Paddling pool
Bike rental
Heated covered pool
Green Key label

From 06/04/2024 to 13/04/2024


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107 €


2 people From

289 €
01 - Camping Le Rompval - Situation
02 - Camping Le Rompval - Situation
03 - Camping Le Rompval - Situation
04 - Camping Le Rompval - Situation
05 - Camping Le Rompval - Piscine
06 - Camping Le Rompval - Piscine
07 - Camping Le Rompval - Piscine
08 - Camping Le Rompval - Activité
09 - Camping Le Rompval - Activité
10 - Camping Le Rompval - Activité
11 - Camping Le Rompval - Aire de jeux
12 - Camping Le Rompval - Aire de jeux
13 - Camping Le Rompval - Aire de jeux
14 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
15 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
16 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
17 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
18 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
19 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
20 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
21 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
22 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
23 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
24 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
25 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
26 - Camping Le Rompval - Hébergement
Welcome to Denis & Sabine


Le Rompval
Hauts de France - Mers-les-Bains

Nestled in Mers-Les-Bains with its coloured façades, pebble beaches and white cliffs with fabulous views across the bay to Le Tréport.

Baie de Somme
2.5 km from the beach
Heated covered pool
Paddling pool
Bike rental

From 15/04/2023 to 22/04/2023


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129 €


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149 €

Unmissable sights in Amiens

Don't miss the Hortillonnages floating gardens! Right in the city centre, at the gates of the Somme Valley, they'll take your breath away. There's plenty more on the agenda: the Picardy museum, the Jules Verne house and more. You can also take a trip back in time, such as prehistoric Samara, Middle Ages Rambures or the stunning old abbey of Saint-Riquier.

13th Cathedral

No camping trip to Amiens would be complete without a visit to this 13th-century cathedral. With flying buttresses and ribbed vaults, this is a spectacular building. Visit it at the end of the day, when the setting sun lights up the western facade of the cathedral, bathing it in gold.

Samara, the prehistoric natural park

Go back to a land before time! In Samara, you can find life-size models of ancient homes, cave paintings and more. This is a top day out for a family camping holiday. Historical re-enactors put on a fabulous show to delight the kids. You can also try fun workshops to learn some ancient artisan techniques.

The Hortillonnages floating gardens

This labyrinth of floating gardens is known as the Venice of the North, so hop on a canal boat and check them out! Spread over 300 hectares, these gardens - a stone's throw from your campsite in the Somme - are made for exploring. Visit on a Saturday to buy delicious, farm-fresh produce grown right here in the floating gardens.

A gourmet getaway during your camping holiday

It's time to sample the local specialities! During your stay in Amiens, you'll be able to unleash your inner gourmet. You'll find ficelle picarde on any good bistro menu. This is a rolled crepe filled with ham and mushroom duxelles, smothered with rich cream and cheese. For dessert, try the gâteau battu, an iconic dish in the culinary history of Amiens. It has all the buttery richness of brioche but with an airier, softer dough. You'll go wild for these regional delights!

Our campsites near Amiens with heated swimming pools

The 4-star Les Aubépines campsite is located in Crotoy, a small fishing port where fishermen's houses rub shoulders with holiday villas, small restaurants and charming little shops.

The 3-star Le Rompval campsite in Mers-les-Bains has an indoor heated swimming pool. Take a dip at any time of year! The campsite has the perfect location for those wanting to discover Baie de Somme and Côte d'Albâtre.

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