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The historical and emblematic heritage of the famous Loire castle is waiting for you

Welcome to your campsite with a swimming pool near Chambord. This small village near Blois was once a royal city, and today it's considered a jewel of the Centre - Val de Loire region thanks to its amazing architecture. As you wander its streets, you'll be reliving some of the most important moments in French history. Best of all? The incredible Château de Chambord, with its elaborate gardens, is one of the most spectacular castles at the Loire.

The Loire Valley, bordered by the river of the same name, is a multi-faceted area with a wide variety of landscapes. When you go camping near Chambord, you can spend your days discovering parks and gardens, towns and villages, castles and monuments. What will your Loire adventure bring?

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The iconic architecture and historic heritage of Chambord

You might be tempted to go straight to the castle — but wait! The town of Chambord has lots of interesting things to see, too. Don't miss the Saint-Louis church, the ruined fortress, the Saint-Michel Hotel and the Chapel of Maurepas. With the beautiful Boulogne Forest all around you, you'll be transported into the pages of a storybook. Finally, you'll come to the jewel in the crown: the Château de Chambord. Instantly recognisable, this mighty castle was started by King Françoise I, but it was never finished. Surrounded by thousands of hectares of forest, it has its own spectacular lush gardens fit for a king!

The Château de Chambord is sure to be a holiday highlight, but it's not the only castle around! We also recommend the Château de Moulinsart and the Château de Cheverny, two of the most famous Loire Valley castles. Plus, there's the unusual architecture of the Château de Blois, located in the heart of Blois. This castle is another absolute must.

Why not explore the Loire castles by bike? There are more than 800 hectares you can visit, marked by hiking trails and cycling paths. There are even 12 established loops you can follow, taking you across 300 km of trails deep into the region. The whole family will love having a chance to enjoy a camping holiday near the Loire castles, discovering this incredible part of French culture.

A natural adventure for the whole family

You might want to spend your days doing nothing but admiring castles, but there are plenty of other activities that can make your holiday go with a bang! The region is ideal for family activities and will allow you to enjoy your stay. Whether you're a serious athlete or a laid-back couch potato, the Loire Valley has a lot to offer you. For sporty types, travel around the Loir-et-Cher department (41) on canoes, boats or bikes, discovering its three main rivers: the Loire, the Loir and the Cher. If you're lucky, you'll even be able to see some unusual species of birds and deer. You will be able to admire the numerous forest animals, such as deer or Corsican mouflon. Watch out for the wild boars, though! The bird population is also very rich, with over 150 species. As for the flora, Chambord has more than 650 plant species.

Let the waterways be your guide as you sail down the Cosson Canal. This route will take you close to the castle, where you can relax at the end of the day while taking in a show. You'll be able to see horse riding tricks and birds of prey — just like the ones François I enjoyed so many centuries ago. It's time to feel like a king!

In the mood for some family fun? Make memories together with the trail of eight riddles through the castle. Can you solve them? You can also bring your inner zoologist out to play as you explore the forest as a family, looking at the tracks and clues that the animals have left behind. Fun for young and old alike.

Want a truly memorable experience? Take to the skies over the châteaux and the Loire with aerial leisure activities: experience a hot air balloon ride over the castles and the River Loire. If that's not exciting enough for you, take a gyroplane instead. Both will take you up into the air, enabling you to discover the region in an entirely unique way that's not to be missed!

The Loire Valley is famous for its fine vintages, so don't miss the chance to enjoy a special wine tasting for two in a private room of the castle. These specialities (AOC Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny) will be accompanied by toasts showcasing the finest local food. Cheers to that! Nothing better than tasting local products with friends and learning about their history.

Ready to go to the Loire Valley? To discover Chambord, find your mobile home rental or book a camping pitch with Flower Campings today.

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