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A camping holiday in the Alps – in winter or summer – is sure to delight fans of breath-taking views and spectacular scenery. It offers fun and fresh air for all: families, walkers, climbers, skiers, cyclists, motorcyclists and mountain bikers. And remember, Mont Blanc isn’t the only sight that awaits you in the Alps. They are also home to four magnificent natural parks, La Vanoise, Les Ecrins, Le Queyras and Le Mercantour, numerous ski resorts including Serre Chevalier and some stunning mountain lakes. Not to mention those unforgettable evenings spent around a fondue or a delicious tartiflette!

2 Campsites match your search

Camping Le Montana - Piscine 7
Camping Le Montana - Activité 1
Camping Le Montana - Activité 2
Camping Le Montana - Activité 3
Camping Le Montana - Aire de jeux 1
Camping Le Montana - Aire de jeux 2
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 1
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 10
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 11
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 12
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 13
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 14
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 2
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 3
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 4
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 5
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 6
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 7
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 8
Camping Le Montana - Hébergement 9
Camping Le Montana - Piscine 1
Camping Le Montana - Piscine 2
Camping Le Montana - Piscine 3
Camping Le Montana - Piscine 4
Camping Le Montana - Piscine 5
Camping Le Montana - Piscine 6
Camping Le Montana - Service 1
Camping Le Montana - Service 2
Camping Le Montana - Service 3
Camping Le Montana - Service 4
Camping Le Montana - Service 5
Camping Le Montana - Situation 1
Camping Le Montana - Situation 2
Camping Le Montana - Situation 3
Welcome to Christophe & Delphine


Le Montana
Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur - Val des prés

Get ready to enjoy a whole host of activities in the Southern Alps, between Serre Chevalier and Montgenèvre.

Southern Alps
Heated outdoor pool
direct access to the river
Paddling pool
Heated covered pool

From 22/04/2023 to 29/04/2023


2 people From

107 €


2 people From

199 €
01 - Camping Ser Sirant - Situation
02 - Camping Ser Sirant - Situation
03 - Camping Ser Sirant - Activité
04 - Camping Ser Sirant - Activité
05 - Camping Ser Sirant - Activité
06 - Camping Ser Sirant - Activité
07 - Camping Ser Sirant - Activité
08 - Camping Ser Sirant - Activité
09 - Camping Ser Sirant - Aire de jeux
10 - Camping Ser Sirant - Aire de jeux
11 - Camping Ser Sirant - Hébergement
12 - Camping Ser Sirant - Hébergement
13 - Camping Ser Sirant - Hébergement
14 - Camping Ser Sirant - Hébergement
15 - Camping Ser Sirant - Hébergement
16 - Camping Ser Sirant - Hébergement
17 - Camping Ser Sirant - Hébergement
18 - Camping Ser Sirant - Hébergement
19 - Camping Ser Sirant - Hébergement
22 - Camping Ser Sirant - Service
23 - Camping Ser Sirant - Service
24 - Camping Ser Sirant - Service
25 - Camping Ser Sirant - Alentour
26 - Camping Ser Sirant - Alentour
27 - Camping Ser Sirant - Alentour
28 - Camping Ser Sirant - Alentour
29 - Camping Ser Sirant - Alentour
Welcome to Riccardo et Anne-Marie


Ser Sirant
Auvergne, Rhône Alpes - Saint Théoffrey

Lake Laffrey dominates daily life in Camping Ser Sirant. This natural body of water is surrounded by other lakes set in an alpine landscape.

direct access to the lake
Bike rental
Fishing accommodation (label)

From 18/05/2024 to 25/05/2024


1 people From

73 €


2 people From

219 €

Camping in the Alps, the winter sports destination par excellence

A campsite in the Alps provides the ideal base for visiting the many ski resorts along the French-Italian border. Here you can take to the slopes in some of France’s best-known downhill destinations or try a little cross-country skiing in some of our gentler landscapes. Whether you choose our Caravaneige option or rent a mobile home, you’ll find your days packed with exhilarating winter sports, followed by a relaxing swim or sauna in the pool or spa centre and the chance to sample the evening entertainment laid on at the campsite or your resort.

A campsite in the mountains – what better base for exploring the Alps in summer?

A summer holiday in the Alps reveals a completely different side of this beautiful region where you can enjoy the sun amid magnificent scenery whatever your passion. You’ll find a wide range of activities on offer, including:

  • Swimming in our onsite pool, at the ski resort spas and in the region’s many rivers and lakes
  • Walking and horse riding – the ideal way to explore the local countryside with family and friends
  • Mountain biking, road cycling and motorcycling on the regions mountain passes, forest tracks and stunning roads
  • Lake and river fishing
  • High-octane thrills with paragliding, rock and via ferrata climbing, canyoning, potholing, woodland adventure courses and much more

Our campsite in Hautes-Alpes promises a warm welcome and expert local advice to help you get the most out of your summer holiday in the mountains.

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