Terms and conditions

Green Friday

Flower SAS is registered in the French Trade and Companies Register under Siret/Intra-Community VAT number: 49235550800044 / FR06492355508 and has its registered office at Espaces de Balma 4-5, avenue Charles de Gaulle 31130 Balma, France.

Between 24/11/2023 and 26/11/2023 23:59:00, a sales offer entitled "Green Friday" will be held, according to the terms and conditions described below. 

In association with the partner, i.e. the non-profit organisation "Je pars, tu pars, il part", for any booking of 10 individual stays totalling €250 or more booked on the site www.flowercampings.com during the period mentioned above, Flower SAS undertakes to provide a free stay of equivalent value to members of the "Je pars, tu pars, il part" organisation, up to a maximum limit of 10 free stays, bookable only in low season and in particular in spring 2024.

The association "Je pars, tu pars, il part" aims to facilitate access to holidays and leisure activities for those who do not have the means for them. As long-term players in the tourism industry, we believe that it is the tourism industry's responsibility to organise a network of support for children, families, couples and individuals who cannot afford a well-deserved holiday.