Personal data protection policy

Dear customers

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, applies in the European Union from 25 May 2018.

The implementation of this regulation is an opportunity for the companies in the Flower group (referred to below as "Flower") to confirm, through this policy – which is incorporated into the group's general terms and conditions – the principles that guide their use of your personal data.

This policy may be periodically updated, especially when there is a need to take account of changes to regulations or to incorporate new ways in which Flower is structured and organised internally.

Definition of personal data

Personal data is information in a format enabling the identification of a real person either directly (via a surname and a first name) or indirectly (such as via a username, a telephone number, biometric data, etc.).   
Examples: surname, photograph, IP address, telephone number, login details (username/password for a customer account), postal address and email address.

Processing of personal data

For the purposes of this policy, the processing of personal data is defined as the collecting, recording, organising, storing, adapting, modifying, extracting, viewing, using or communicating of personal data as defined above.

Scope of this policy

This policy applies to all processing of personal data carried out by Flower both on its booking website and, more generally, in the context of the relationships Flower maintains with all its customers.

The personal data collected by Flower

The personal data collected by Flower may include:

  • Your contact details and civil status (i.e. surname, first name, date of birth, nationality, postal address, email address, telephone number and car registration number). 
  • The names of the people accompanying you.     .     

In the case of minors, we collect only their surnames, first names, nationalities and dates of birth indirectly through an adult person. 

  • Information about your payment method (credit/debit card number). 
  • Your holiday dates. 
  • Your preferences during your stay (e.g. the orientation of the flat/apartment and the type of bed) and details of additional activities (e.g. ski hire or ski lift bookings). 
  • Certain restrictions that need to be taken into account during your stay (e.g. people with reduced mobility). 
  • Your IP address, the browser you use and your language settings. 
  • Information about how you browse our website (i.e. pages visited and clicks). 
  • Some of our facilities are under video surveillance to ensure the safety of both people and property. You are therefore likely to be filmed.

When is personal data collected?

Personal data is collected:

  • When a holiday is booked, regardless of whether the booking is made directly or through a third party (such as a tour operator, a works council or a travel agency), or whether it is made in person, by post, online or by telephone, or involves a website managed directly by Flower or a website managed by a hosting service provider.
  • When making use of additional services at our facilities (i.e. organised excursions, eating/dining facilities and bars).
  • In the event of complaints or disputes.
  • When participating in satisfaction surveys.
  • When participating in competitions.
  • When subscribing to newsletters.
  • When you connect to our websites (i.e. IP address and cookies).
  • When viewing our pages on social networks.
  • When information concerning you is transferred to certain service providers (e.g. banks when processing payments, routers when sending catalogues, and marketing service providers).
  • When video surveillance images are captured.

Why do we collect personal data?

We collect your personal data for the purposes of:

  • Getting to know you better.
  • Communicating with you.
  • Managing our relationship (i.e. holiday bookings, special requests, stays, and post-stay follow up).
  • Promoting and marketing our brands.
  • Providing you with a quality customer service at all times, enabling you to benefit from personalised offers closely matching your expectations; as reflected in your wishes and desires, your consumption habits and your comments.
  • Conducting, in this context and with this objective in mind, analyses and studies designed to qualify/enrich the customer database by gaining a better understanding of your interests.
  • Cross-referencing, analysing and combining data.
  • Collating statistics.
  • Dealing with any complaints that may arise.
  • Ensuring the payments you make are secure.
  • Keeping track of your consumption of additional services (such as eating/dining facilities, bars and organised excursions).
  • Securing and improving the process of using and browsing the Flower website
  • Complying with the legal and regulatory environment in which Flower operates (i.e. responding to requests from relevant authorities, handling disputes and monitoring compliance with applicable regulations)
  • Preventing fraud.
  • Organising competitions.

Flower's data protection commitments

1/ To not collect any information that is not strictly necessary for the carrying out of our activities, for the satisfaction of our customers or for improving our products and services.   

2/ To not collect any "sensitive" information relating to purported racial or ethnic origins; political, philosophical or religious opinions; trade union membership; sexual orientation; health; genetic or biometric data; or criminal offences or convictions.  

3/ To limit the number of people within Flower who have access to your personal data as far as possible by providing specific authorisations for the departments concerned (namely the sales department, operators of facilities, the accounts department, the IT department, the marketing department and the legal department). To conduct large-scale internal awareness-raising campaigns about protecting your privacy.  

4/ To only retain your data for a period of time consistent with both the purposes for which it is being processed and our legal obligations, i.e. 13 months (from the last login) for cookies, five years (from the last transaction) for other personal data, and one month for video surveillance images.  

5/ To not transfer any of your data outside the European Union.  

6/ To guarantee that you are able to exercise your rights with regard to your personal data at any time:

- the right of access.  
- the right to object. 
- the right to rectification.  
- the right to erasure.    
- the right to restrict processing.  
- the right to data portability.  

To exercise your rights, please contact us at the following email address:

You will be asked to prove your identity in order to exercise your rights.  

The deadline for responding to a completed application is two months.  

7/ Confidentiality and security

To at all times do everything possible physically, organisationally and from an information technology point of view to protect your personal data against any unauthorised use resulting from accidental or deliberate intrusion into our information systems, especially our payment systems.  

This includes, for example, the use of firewalls, the use of Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology for credit/debit card payments, and the use of passwords for all computers with access to personal data.  

8/ Transfers  

To ensure that the service providers (sellers, hosting providers and marketing service providers, etc.) to which we send your personal data comply strictly with the provisions of the GDPR.  

9/ Data sharing between Flower and Franchisees

Flower operates campsites directly and also has a network of franchised campsites operating under the "Flower Campings" brand (referred to below as the "Franchisees").  

The data collected on the Flower website is used to enable Flower or the Franchisees to gain a better understanding of you and thus serve you better as users of our services or customers of the Franchised campsites. Using the website gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the services offered by Flower and/or the Franchisees. As a consequence, therefore, you agree to your data being shared between Flower and the Franchisees as part of the pooling of their resources within the framework of their organisation as a network.  

Franchisees are responsible for the processing of personal data when it is collected directly by them or from their websites.   

10/ Consent

To obtain your clear and unambiguous consent to your data being used.  

To provide you with the ability to refuse to receive messages from us any time you choose (unsubscribe link).  

11/ Responsibility for files – appointment of a DPO (Data Protection Officer)

The company Flower SAS is responsible for files when the data is collected on the Flower website.   

Flower belongs to the same group as the Odalys Group, which has appointed a DPO (Data Protection Officer).   

The contact details for the Odalys Group's DPO are:  

Data Protection Officer for the Odalys Group
655, rue René Descartes,  
Parc de la Duranne - BP 412  


When you visit our website, we may, depending on your choices, place a text file (also known as a cookie) on your computer via your browser. 

This file has a limited lifetime and will delete itself once its lifetime has expired. 

During its period of validity, or the period of its storage lifetime, it will enable us to identify your computer on future visits to our website. These cookies do not contain viruses. 
Flower uses cookies to improve your experience on our website. 

Certain types of cookies are essential for the site to function properly; others help us to understand which content is most useful for our visitors and enable us to offer you better services and content and promote the most relevant offers to our users by means of advertising or marketing campaigns.

The types of cookies we use

Security: these cookies enable us to keep our website secure.

Website characteristics: we measure how visitors use our website for the purposes of optimising both the individual web pages and the experience of using the site.

Analytics: we track website traffic trends so that we can identify the most popular content on the site and potential problems with the site.

Advertising: we use your location and previous browsing data on our website to display advertising to you on the site.

Our website has detailed information about the cookies used and what they are used for.

Your choices where cookies are concerned

You can decide whether a cookie is stored on your computer.

Using the settings in your web browser, you can at any time choose, easily and free of charge, whether to allow cookies to be stored on your computer or not.

The choices offered by your web browser

You can choose a setting that will make your computer notify you each time a cookie is placed on your computer, or you can opt to disable all cookies.
In order to do this, you will need to find out where these settings are in your browser. Each browser is a little different, so please refer to the "Help" menu in your browser to find out how to change your cookie settings.

You can configure your browser so that cookies are (a) allowed and stored on your computer or (b) blocked.

a. Cookies agreement

If your browser is set to allow cookies, the cookies embedded in the pages and content you have viewed will be automatically saved on your computer.

b. Blocking cookies

You can configure your browser to:

- ask you whether to allow or block a cookie before it is actually stored on your computer in each case;
- automatically block cookies from being stored on your computer by default.

Please note: any changes you make to your browser settings in terms of to allowing or blocking cookies may affect your ability to browse the internet and your access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.

If you disable cookies, some of our services will not work properly. You will not be able to book your stay online. You will need to contact our central booking office to book your stay.
How do I set the options I want in the particular web browser I'm using?

If you have a different browser type or version, please refer to its own "Help" menu.

Our website explains how to manage cookies in the main browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera).