Holiday cancellation insurance

Book a camping holiday with complete peace of mind thanks to Campez Couvert’s holiday cancellation insurance, now with COVID cover!*.

You never know when something unexpected might happen! Holiday cancellation insurance offers a wide range of health- and work-related benefits and cover for other everyday issues.

Since 2021: As well as its traditional cover, Campez Couvert now also provides protection against the consequences of COVID!

Remember, planning is the key to a great holiday. Our holiday cancellation cover is designed to put your mind at rest, so there’s no need to worry! Buy your holiday insurance when you book your holiday. Just opt for holiday cancellation insurance at stage 1 of the online booking process.


What’s the point of holiday cancellation insurance?

Holiday cancellation insurance covers you against the unexpected, against a range of events beyond your control that might prevent you from travelling to your holiday destination, delay your departure or force you to cut short your holiday.**

If you’ve booked a holiday but find you need to cancel it, we offer a wide range of benefits both before and after you travel.


What does the policy cover?

Cancellation or late arrival
Money you have paid and is being held by the campsite or relating to the time before your arrival refunded if you have to cancel your stay or if you arrive late.**
Holiday interruption
Money you have paid relating to the time after your departure refunded if you have to cut your holiday short.**
If you leave something behind at your campsite
The cost of returning the forgotten item to you by post.**
Courtesy vehicle
If your vehicle breaks down, suffers accidental damage or is stolen while you’re on holiday.**

When am I insured in relation to COVID-19?

  • Cancellation due to COVID-19 : If you have to quarantine following a positive test or if you or a close family or friend are hospitalised**
  • Cancellation due to suspected COVID-19 : If your doctor tells you you’re not fit to travel because you may have COVID**
  • Track and trace : If you have to isolate under the track and trace scheme or while waiting for a test or the result of a test**
  • Late departure: If you arrive late due to illness or have to isolate under the track and trace scheme**
  • If you are a key worker in the fight against COVID**
  • If you have to cancel your holiday or change your holiday dates because of your employer
  • Additional COVID-19 assistance : Teleconsultation before you leave if you think you may have COVID**
  • Medical repatriation: transport and medical costs**

Download the full Campez Couvert holiday cancellation insurance policy document:

holiday cancellation insurance Flower Campings

*Most campsites in the Flower network offer “Campez Couvert” holiday cancellation insurance.    
**Please consult the full Campez Couvert policy document for details of cover.