Flower Safe+ Charter

Flower Safe+ Charter

Because your comfort and safety are our priority, here at Flower we are making a number of strict health and hygiene commitments in the interests of all our guests.

In partnership with a team of medical and health risk prevention specialists we have drawn up our own “Flower Safe+” health and hygiene charter that goes even further that the government’s current recommendations.

These strict measures are designed to guarantee the highest possible standards of health and hygiene and a safe and stress-free environment for your next Flower holiday. In line with these commitments, Flower will:



Ensure the strict application of the French government’s anti-coronavirus measures.


Organise separate, simplified procedures for dealing with arrivals and departures.

Wherever possible, guests will no longer have to go to reception to pick up their keys.


Implement more stringent health and hygiene protocols with increased cleaning and disinfection in both our rental units and common areas and enhanced hygiene levels at all points of frequent contact.


Use modified signage including floor markings, posters, etc. to ensure that everyone follows social distancing rules.


Use contactless and remote payment options wherever possible.


Provide antiseptic gel and/or liquid soap in all common areas.


Provide disinfectant cleaning products in all our toilet/shower blocks.


Appoint a coronavirus officer at each campsite responsible for implementing coronavirus rules and recommendations.


Ensure clear and open communication about all our anti-coronavirus measures.


Appoint a “health and hygiene officer” at each campsite to ensure the checks set out in Flower’s Coronavirus Guide are properly implemented.

Flower Campings COVID Charter

Flower – ensuring your comfort and safety so that you can make the most of your holiday! We look forward to seeing you at a Flower campsite soon.