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Book your campsite in France

Feel the Flower spirit

Fancy spending a little quality time with family and friends, sharing an authentic holiday experience and enjoying a slower pace of life? Flower offers the ideal opportunity to take a break and get away from it all.

camping familial

Our first priority is people. People lie at the heart of who we are and what we stand for.

We’ve concocted our very own recipe for the perfect Flower holiday.

- Take two spoonfuls of bonhomie
- Throw in a liberal helping of good company and shared experience
- Add a glug of friendly banter and a pinch of generosity
- Mix well
- Sprinkle with satisfied customers

What do you get? The uniquely friendly, family-oriented atmosphere that is the trademark of every Flower campsite.

It’s up to you

All Flower campsites are different, each with its own character that reflects the people who run it, but they also share a set of common principles. With over 130 destinations, you’re sure to find the right Flower campsite for you!

Fancy a walk in the mountains? Flower has the answer!

Fancy a dip in the sea? Flower has the answer!

Fancy a relaxing break in the countryside? Flower has the answer!

First and foremost, Flower is a network of people-friendly campsites across France and there’s no better way to explore the country and its culture. Picture yourself cycling through the stunning Provencal countryside, swimming in the azure waters of the Mediterranean, breathing the fresh mountain air of the Alps or strolling around history-charged Mont Saint-Michel.

Never far from a great place to swim, Flower also promises hours of water fun and fascinating trips. A great way to get back to nature and to explore the local area, a stay at a Flower campsite is also the chance to meet our campsite owners and managers. Enthusiastic hosts and captivating guides, they are the reason you love Flower, what makes a Flower holiday so special and why you keep coming back!

Family, family, family

camping ambiance familiale et chaleureuseChez Flower, c’est l’ambiance familiale et chaleureuse qui domine. Trouvez votre équilibre et profitez comme il vous plaît : en famille ou entre amis, vous pouvez participer, à votre guise, aux différentes animations proposées. Le soir ou la journée trouvez votre activité, pour les adultes ou les enfants. Tout le monde est gagnant.

At Flower you can be sure of a warm and friendly, family atmosphere. Whether you’re holidaying with family or friends, you can chose from a great range of things to do as the fancy takes you. Take a look at what’s on offer, then make your choice. Day or night, old or young, you’ll find there’s something for everyone.

A Flower campsite also means a Mister Flower kids’ club. They provide a range of activities for every taste and every age group so that your children can put their energy to good use in our fun games and sports tournaments or develop their artistic skills in one of our craft workshops.

If you like meeting people, making new friends and living for the moment, Flower really is the place for you! Neither too big, nor to small, our high-quality campsites offer the ambiance to suit you: fun, active or zen. So, what are you waiting for?

Travel the length and breadth of France, get back to basics with a camping holiday and store up some great holiday memories with Flower - camping with a human face.

We’re ready when you are!