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Book your campsite in France

Our mini guide for new campers

Before you go

What do I need to take with me on a rental holiday?

You’ll find pillows and bed covers, cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils waiting for you when you arrive. And remember you can look at the inventory list for your particular type of accommodation on your campsite’s website. Don’t forget to bring sheets, the larger the better if you’re not sure exactly how big the beds in your accommodation are. Camping tip: You can book a number of extras for your holiday, including sheets, a baby kit, a TV or a safe, with your campsite.

What do I need to take with me on a camping holiday?

Here’s a list of equipment you may find useful on for your first camping holiday in your own tent, caravan or with your motorhome:

• Your tent with all the necessary equipment and accessories: the right tent pegs and guy ropes, string and a small mallet
• Inflatable mattress and pump
• Folding table and chairs
• Torch and batteries
• Cleaning products, a sponge and some tea towels
• Gas or paraffin stove, mini-grill, thermos flask, cold box
• Pots and pans, serving dishes, kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery, tin opener, scissors, a lighter or matches, a bottle opener, dustbin liners, etc.

A few tips:

• If you need to, ask at reception about using the washing machines and dryers you’ll find on most sites but bring your own washing powder or liquid because it’s not generally provided.
• Ask for French adapters at reception. You’ll often be able to borrow or rent you one depending on availability.
• Consider Flower’s Ready to Camp option. It offers a fully equipped tent pitched and ready for you when you arrive. All you need is your luggage and a sleeping bag, Flower will do the rest.

Flower – busting camping myths

“I’m worried about being uncomfortable.”

Flower campsites offer a wide range of different types of rental accommodation, all comfortable and fully equipped, and some luxury camping rentals. Features include heating, flat screen TVs, large fridges, spacious and practical shower cabins, quality bed linen and even dishwashers.

If you’re planning a camping holiday, Flower campsites also offer upgrades in the form of “Premium” pitches. They may be larger than usual, giving you more space, or offer other extras like a great view (of a lake or mountains, for example).

All Flower campsites also have a range of leisure facilities and offer a number of high quality services. These include swimming pools, playgrounds and snack bars – in short everything you need for a great holiday. In addition, you won’t be cut off from the rest of the world as almost all our campsites now offer Wi-Fi access, either from your rental accommodation or camping pitch, or from the terrace or bar depending on local network coverage, so you can stay connected.

Some of our campsites offer wellness facilities such as hammams, saunas, jacuzzis and spas worthy of upmarket health farms and hotels. You can check for these facilities by clicking on “More criteria” when looking for a location.

“Camping is old-fashioned”

In fact, camping is now attracting more enthusiasts than ever before from all walks of life and really does have something to offer everyone.

Unlike some other campsites in France, Flower campsites offer a friendly atmosphere, a personal welcome, high quality and expert local knowledge. All with their own personal feel, they each provide a window onto their local area in their own different way. They have decided to join together under the Flower banner on the basis of one essential criteria: their size. Others may see them as “too small” but as far as we’re concerned they’re “not too big”. We’re proud of our size because it means we can offer holidays which accentuate the personal. It’s our little luxury.

“I’m afraid the campsite won’t be safe.”

Flower campsites are safe places where you can wander at will. You’ll find that our staff quickly recognise new guests and will soon know who you are. They will also do everything in their power to ensure that your stay passes off without any nasty surprises. And if you have any valuables with you, remember to hire a mini-safe on the campsite.

 “Campsite facilities are never maintained properly.”

All campsites are now subject to very rigorous health and safety regulations, and quality control checks are carried out on a regular basis.

Our maintenance teams work seven days a week to ensure that all common areas, toilets and showers are spotlessly clean. They are cleaned several times a day.

The water in our swimming pools is checked and cleaned regularly by filtering systems which run on a daily basis.

All accommodation is checked and cleaned after each rental while overall environmental maintenance is carried out by technical teams in charge of managing refuse and maintaining green areas.

However, if you notice a problem to do with cleanliness, please inform the reception staff at your campsite immediately. They will deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

 “I’m worried about being noise nuisance.”

Each Flower campsite has its own set of rules designed to ensure you can enjoy your stay in peace and quiet. After sunset our campsites become places of rest and relaxation with any evening entertainment and car traffic generally stopping between 11 and 11.30 pm to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

You’ll find there are lots of activities and evening entertainments on offer for you to enjoy or ignore as you wish. Above all, Flower campsites are designed for family  holidays.