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Tour de France

Follow the Tour de France 2020 from a Flower campsite!

If you fancy cheering on the riders in the world’s most famous cycle road race, you’ll find a host of Flower campsites waiting to welcome you along the route of this year’s Tour de France. Enjoy the thrills and spills of Le Tour on the road as it wends its way through the beautiful French countryside. Explore the towns and villages – transformed to welcome this prestigious competition – along its route. More than just a sporting event, steeped in history and emotion, with enthusiastic crowds lining the roads at every stage, a day at Le Tour is an outing you’ll never forget.

And if you decide to come and experience Le Tour for yourself this summer, why not do it from the comfort of a Flower campsite? Whichever stage you choose – in the mountains, on the coast or winding through a picturesque provincial town – following Tour de France during your holidays makes a great way to discover the natural beauty and cultural attractions of France.

A number of our campsites offer special conditions and deals for touring cyclists including reduced rates, tailored services, food and a range of other activities. So, whether you’re a confirmed fan or just curious, why not follow the Tour de France© this year from the comfort of a Flower campsite?

Running from june 27 to July 19, the route of the 107st Tour de France passes close to a Flower campsite on all of the following stages :

Tour de France 2020 by steps

Steps Date Town Campsite Distance
3 June 29 Nice
Camping Le Clot du Jay
Camping Le Domaine des 2 Soleils
Sisteron → 25 minutes - 23 KM
Sisteron → 36 minutes - 33 KM
5 July 1st Gap
Camping Le Clot du Jay
Camping Le Domaine des 2 Soleils
Camping Le Plan d’Eau
Gap → 58 minutes - 47 KM
Gap → 44 minutes - 42,5 KM
Privas → 33 minutes - 27 KM
6 July 2 Le Teil
Mont Aigoual
Camping Le Plan d’Eau
Camping Saint Amand
Camping Le Riviera
Le Teil → 44 minutes - 33 KM
Le Teil → 48 minutes - 37,5 KM
Le Teil → 50 minutes - 46,5 KM
7 July 3 Millau

Camping Le Peyrelade
Camping La Dourbie
Camping Le Pessac

Millau → 21 minutes - 14,5 KM
Millau → 44 minutes - 38,5 KM
Lavaur → 30 minutes - 27,5 KM
10 July 7 Île d'Oléron Le Château-d'Oléron 
Île de Ré Saint-Martin-de-Ré

Camping Saint Tro’Park
Camping La Cailletière
Camping Les Ilates
Camping Le Bel Air

Le Château d’Oléron  → 19 minutes - 10,5 KM
Le Château d’Oléron  → 14 minutes - 7,5 KM
Saint Martin de Ré  → 22 minutes - 14,5 KM
Saint Martin de Ré  → 8 minutes - 4,5 KM

July 8

Camping L’Abri-Côtier Châtelaillon-Plage  → 36 minutes - 34,5 KM
12 July 9 Chauvigny
Sarran Corrèze
Camping Le Port de Neuvic
Camping La Plage

Sarran → 41 minutes - 53 KM
Sarran → 37 minutes - 32 KM

13 July 10 Châtel-Guyon
Puy Mary Cantal

Camping La Vallée Verte
Camping Les Vernières

Châtel-Guyon  → 57 minutes - 58 KM
Châtel-Guyon  → 52 minutes - 68,5 KM
14 July 11 Clermont-Ferrand
Camping La Vallée Verte Clermont-Ferrand  → 50 minutes - 40,5 KM
16 July 14 La Tour-du-Pin
Camping Lac du Marandan Villard-de-Lans → 46 minutes - 33 KM
20 July 18 Lure
La Planche des Belles Filles
Camping du Lac de la Seigneurie Planches des Belles Filles → 1h00 - 40,5 KM
31 July 19 Mantes-la-Jolie
Paris Champs-Élysées
Camping l’Île des Trois Rois Mantes-la-Jolie → 43 minutes - 51 KM

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Camping Les Vernières
map camping

La Bourboule Auvergne

Camping Les Vernières ****

Located in the very heart of the beautiful, verdant Auvergne, the site makes a great base from which to explore the Puy de Sancy and the Mont Dore.

Overall rating:

9.09/10 4 reviews in english
Camping Le Pessac
map camping

Vielmur-sur-Agout Tarn

Camping Le Pessac ***

Discover the natural riches of the Tarn from this campsite close to Castres and the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park.

Overall rating:

8.95/10 0 reviews in english

from 81€ per week


from 244€ per week


Camping La Cailletière
map camping

Dolus d'Oléron Île d'Oléron

Camping La Cailletière ***

The perfect base for exploring one of the French Atlantic coast’s most beautiful islands, a wild and jealously guarded haven.

Overall rating:

9.31/10 4 reviews in english

from 133€ per week


from 169€ per week


Camping Le Riviera
map camping

Sampzon Ardèche

Camping Le Riviera ****

A beautiful river beach to entice you into the fast-flowing waters of the River Ardèche and a 200m swimming pool with bubble seat, loungers and a host of activities for young and old alike.

Overall rating:

8.85/10 2 reviews in english

from 114€ per week


from 210€ per week


Camping Le Peyrelade
map camping

Rivière-sur-Tarn Aveyron

Camping Le Peyrelade ****

From the wonderful beach on the banks of the River Tarn to the high limestone cliffs of the Causses, enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Aveyron and the thrills of its outdoor pursuits.

Overall rating:

8.84/10 11 reviews in english

from 140€ per week


from 196€ per week


Camping L'Île des Trois Rois
map camping

Les Andelys Normandy

Camping L'Île des Trois Rois ***

Set in verdant countryside at the foot of a medieval château on the slopes leading down to the River Seine, this Normandy campsite is just an hour away from Paris!

Overall rating:

8.93/10 61 reviews in english

from 138€ per week


from 190€ per week


Camping La Plage
map camping

Treignac-sur-Vézère Limousin

Camping La Plage ***

This sandy beach on the shores of the Lac des Barriousses provides all the charm of a quiet seaside resort in the midst of the Plateau de Millevaches regional natural park.

Overall rating:

8.65/10 6 reviews in english

from 66€ per week


from 199€ per week


Camping Le Lac du Marandan
map camping

Saint-Romans Vercors

Camping Le Lac du Marandan ***

Set on the edge of a fine sandy beach in the midst of verdant parkland, the campsite offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Vercors mountains.

Overall rating:

8.77/10 1 reviews in english

from 108€ per week


from 199€ per week


Camping Saint Tro'Park
map camping

Saint-Trojan-les-Bains Île d'Oléron

Camping Saint Tro'Park ****

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this small seaside resort on the Ile d’Oléron, close to Gatseau beach.

Overall rating:

8.94/10 4 reviews in english
Camping Le Plan d'eau
map camping

Saint-Privat Ardèche

Camping Le Plan d'eau ***

A great place for a quiet holiday in the southern sun, the site boasts an unspoilt natural setting on the banks of the River Ardèche.

from 135€ per week


from 199€ per week



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